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The National Center for Equity and Agency is the only consulting firm of its kind. We are a collective of subject matter experts who specialize in addressing the topics of sexual misconduct and diversity and inclusion. From training, to speakers, certifications, software, data collection, consulting, and coaching we deliver the answers to some of the toughest questions facing our world today.

  • What's Your Why?
  • Organizational Programs
  • Signature Programming
  • Diversity and Inclusion Series
  • Diversity and Inclusion Series Topics
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Soft-skills 101
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Beyond Trauma 101

What’s YOUR Why?

Whether you want to find out what is missing, plant a seed of change, or develop a holistic approach to being the change you wish to see, you must first identify your WHY.

For some it is transforming company culture, for others increasing safety, and for some it is gaining the skills to become a community leader. Once we help you clarify what drives you in setting these goals and objectives we can customize an action plan for reaching them.

Organizational Programs

When it comes to professional development you want to get the most positive and impactful experience for your team. We offer transformative and cutting edge workshops, trainings, keynotes, and consulting packages. Below are some of our signature programs for educators- all of which are taught by veteran Student Affairs professionals who get it.

Every training is then modified and customized to YOUR unique needs and audience and can be delivered online or on- site.

Signature Programming

The following are signature — training programs offered by The National Center for Equity and Agency. All of the following can be offered as half or full-day workshops or modified to be keynote addresses.

Our training programs are all customized to each audience, interactive, and strategically designed to be research-informed and action oriented. This are only a sampling of what we offer, please feel free to inquire about additional offerings.

Diversity and Inclusion Series

What are the differences between diversity, equity, and inclusion? How does the movement's history impact these conversations today, and how D&I can be applied in everything from conversations to hiring procedures?

In this workshop series, we work through research-informed best practices, understanding common myths, and exploring our personal and professional relationship to the topic. Participants will acquire tools and skills to navigate how diversity and inclusion can be applied within their field and define privilege, marginalization, inequality, and microaggressions.

Diversity and Inclusion Series Topics

Our firm takes a holistic approach to exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion. We offer software, survey design, analysis, and numerous training topics that can be used separately or together. Some of these topics include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion 101

  • Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Workplaces

  • Trauma-Informed Care in the Workplace

  • Hiring and Retention for Inclusivity

  • Beyond Tolerance and Diversity; Inclusion in Action

  • Overcoming Resistence to DEI Initiatives

  • Softskills for Cultural Humility

Evolving from #MeToo; Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

In this workshop, leaders explore various approaches for prevention and response in cases of sexual harassment. We will discuss effective prevention, liability awareness, and impactful tools for addressing incidents. With more informative and_ proactive planning, the less reactive and vulnerable an organization is to liability.

By discussing the history, cultural context, and cost of sexual harassment, organizational leaders can be on the front end of impactful organizational cultural change. By the end of this session, participants will identify and explain what sexual harassment is and what it isn’t. They will be able to describe tools for prevention and response that are research-informed and_action- oriented.

Soft-skills 101- From Emotional Intelligence to Strength-Based Leadership

Soft skills are some of the most sought-after skill-sets in the workforce today. Yet few opportunities to understand the theories and best practices for emotional intelligence are available. In this workshop, we will explore how to identify, obtain, and utilize emotional intelligence. By understanding your emotional quota, personality types, the locus of control, and interpersonal knowledge leads to an overall _ increase in productivity and retention. We will also _ incorporate how strength-based leadership and mindfulness can benefit those working on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of organizational .

Resolving Conflict; Effective Mediation and Internal Investigations

If you avoid arguments, lie to keep the peace, or believe that hiding behind your desk is the best way to deal with conflict then this workshop is for you. As leaders we cannot avoid conflict altogether, it is a natural part of life and business. By tackling hard conversations, and transforming them with tools such as mediation and compassion, you can go from conflict-avoidant to competent. This workshop will show you have to use conflict for good, tools for effective mediation, and how to have confidence in using disagreements to strengthen your team.

Trauma-Informed Care In Action; Beyond Trauma 101

So you have taken trauma-informed care (TIC) basics courses but feel like you are still stuck on what to do next. What does TIC look like in daily life and how and when do you use it? In this three-part series, we explore beyond the 101 information to dive deeper into multiple theories on trauma and how to bring TIC practices into your company culture. Participants leave with skills that focus on understanding the neurology of trauma, types of trauma, ACE scores, Spoon Theory, how to communicate in a TIC way, and personal reflection for ongoing growth and praxis.
Also Available as a Certification

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