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As a next step in understanding trauma-informed care, we seek to equip professionals with tools that allow them to grow in areas of resiliency through exercises based on positive psychology. We do this through education around components for a fulfilling and sustainable life and career through this fully participatory workshop. Each session allows participants to try unique tools that they can implement in their daily lives to build relationships, increase intrapersonal awareness, and prevent burnout. Already certified individuals earn CEUs toward a three-year renewal as Certified Trauma-Informed ® professionals in their field.

Offered as a 4-hour morning or afternoon session

Learning Outcomes:

  • Working knowledge on positive psychology tools for self-actualization and the impact of each on their physical and mental well-being.
  • The value of post-traumatic growth, self-care, and cognitive reframing.
  • Team building relationships through personal and communal dialogue and collective introspection.
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