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Trauma-Informed Certified ® Insurance Professional

The Trauma-Informed Insurance Professional Certification is the first of its kind, offering professionals in the insurance industry the tools to work with insureds and claimants in crisis and to safeguard themselves from the impacts of secondary trauma.

This certification blends trauma-informed care theory with real-world application customized to the realities of what professionals and their clients face in navigating member needs, liability, and sustainability.

The National Center for Equity and Agency offers the only Trauma-Informed Insurance Professional Certification for agents and firms in the United States. This certification goes far beyond trauma-informed 101 and gives participants several unique advantages:

  • Participants leave as distinguished experts in how trauma impacts their insureds and claimants and how to use TI principles for self-preservation and sustainability.

  • Certified professionals differentiate their practice and become the go-to source for referrals, sharing with potential future insureds a core reason to choose them as their representation.

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