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The National Center for Equity and Agency is the only consulting firm of its kind. We are a collective of subject matter experts who specialize in addressing the topics of sexual misconduct and diversity, equity, and inclusion. From training, to speakers, certifications, software, data collection, consulting, and coaching, we deliver answers to some of the toughest questions facing our world today.

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What’s your Why?

Whether you want to identify gaps, spark change, or develop a holistic approach to being the change you wish to see, you must first identify your WHY.

Your why may be to transform company culture, increase safety, or gain the skills to become a community leader in healthcare. We’ll help you discover your why—the drive behind your goal setting—and customize an action plan for you to reach these objectives.

Programs for Healthcare Providers

When it comes to professional development, our mission is to provide a positive and impactful experience. We offer transformative and cutting-edge workshops, trainings, keynotes, and consulting packages. Below are some of our signature programs for healthcare providers—all of which are taught by veteran professionals.

Every training is then modified and customized to your unique needs and audience and can be delivered online or onsite.

Signature Programming

The following are signature training programs offered by the National Center for Equity and Agency. Each program is offered as either a half- or full-day workshop. Programs can also be modified into keynote addresses.

Our training programs are customized, interactive, and strategically designed to be research-informed and action-oriented. The below listings are only a sampling of what we offer—contact us with inquiries about additional offerings.

Trauma-Informed Care in Action: Beyond Trauma 101 (6 Hours)

So, you’ve taken trauma-informed care (TIC) basics courses but still feel stuck on what to do next? What does TIC look like in daily life? How and when do you use it? In this three-part series, we explore “Beyond the 101” information, diving deeper into the numerous theories on trauma and how to bring TIC practices into your personal and professional life. Participants leave with skills that focus on understanding the neurology of trauma, types of trauma, ACE scores, Spoon Theory, how to communicate in a TIC way, and personal reflection for ongoing growth and praxis.

Health Equity and Survivor-Centered Care

Survivors of all forms of trauma are at an increased risk for a myriad of health conditions and addiction issues and are likely to be victimized again. In this seminar, we explore how providers can bridge these gaps and assure that all patients are provided with easy access to mental, emotional, and physical care.
By the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to identify different forms of trauma and vulnerable patients/communities; will have the skills to create resources for these patients and communities; and will know how to prevent and assist patients in healing from traumatic experiences.

Beyond the Binary: LGBTQ and Sexual Minorities Inclusion in Healthcare

As conversations around gender identity and sexual orientation continue, having a foundational knowledge of these communities and their needs is vital to ending health inequities. This seminar explores how sexual and gender minorities are often marginalized by multiple systems and how barriers create life-long health consequences. We will discuss these identities, building bridges with sexual and gender minority communities, and providing holistic and competent care to all patients.

Sexual Medicine Competency Certification

Did you know that medical students often receive insufficient sexual health education? Fewer than 50% of U.S. or Canadian medical schools have more than two hours of sexual medicine education in the curriculum—and many schools never address the topic at all.

From identifying and responding to sexual abuse in patients, to working with survivors’ needs for boundaries and communication, to understanding cultural humility in sexual health decisions and collaborating with sexology professionals, providers are searching for the tools to best address these concerns in today's global society. This certification program will provide participants with a greater appreciation for how sexuality is integral to other aspects of medical healthcare. Participants will leave with the foundational tools to support their patients’ holistic sexual health needs across their lifespans and to build bridges toward greater health equity.

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