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Evolve 360 FAQs

? What is Evolve 360? Who is it for?

Evolve 360 is a landmark and industry-changing way at looking at preventing, responding to, and healing from interpersonal violence. There is one version for k-12 schools and another for higher education. Evolve 360 doesn't want to just give another speech or present a single webinar and then leave: we know that doesn't do anything long term. We designed this program for educational professionals that need help in revitalizing and re-energizing their Title IX and sexual misconduct programs from the ground up- while saving time and money.

? What does it cover?

Evolve 360 looks at all areas of interpersonal violence. The main areas we work on include:

  • Holistic Consent
  • Healthy Relationships & Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Agency and Wellness
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Trauma-Informed Care/ACEs
  • LGBTQ Inclusion and Trans Policy Design
  • Rape Acceptance Myths
  • Supporting Male Survivors
  • De-Colonizing Conversations
  • Universal Access (Accessibility for Disabled Populations)
  • Respondent Resources and Restorative Justice
  • Bystander Response
  • Future Trends in Federal and State Policy

There are also additional fourth-day courses you can add on to your package. These include:

  • Title IX Legal Compliance (8 hours)
  • Restorative Practices Programming (4 hours)
  • Burn-Out and Employee Retention (4 hours)

? What is included?

Our trainings are three on-site days where we cover all of the above topics and are able to have group discussions and exercises to enhance the learning experience.

Included in the cost are all of your reading materials, the three days of training, as well as five free consulting hours to use throughout your first year.

Our certifications are the most comprehensive and cost-effective on the market today. There are NO re-certification fees or hidden costs after like our competitors.

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